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What areMetasource Cards?

Metasource Cards are scarce digital collectibles which earn tokens and connect with the Castle ecosystem. By collecting matching card types and factions you increase your earnings for merging and creating lands in Castles!

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How it works

Card group 1

Each card is unique

Each has special artwork and exciting story flair.
Card group 2

Collectable & Tradeable

Collect matching card types and factions for earning bonuses!
Card group 3

Earn tokens and gaming NFTs!

Earn tokens passively! Trade or spend them in Metasource games!


Four card types to


Cyberpunk card.


Fantasy card.


Metaverse card.

Space Opera

Space Opera card.
Castles logo.

Merge your
lands and grow
your kingdom!

Farm card.
Ranch card.
Village card.
Town card.

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It's a platform built by Trusardi Game Studios for blockchain based video games.